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The basic premise is that it's a board game for consenting adults, looking for something to bring into the bedroom to help bring something else to their sex lives. Maybe one of them has been into bondage before, but hasn't known how to tell the partner or get the partner interested; or they're already in a dom(me)/sub/switch relationship, and want to try something slightly different; or perhaps they're just an open minded couple (or group) looking for something else to play to help bring them closer.

As each player moves around the board, very gradually items of clothing are removed and various sensuous acts are carried out on their partners (and themselves). Depending on the cards chosen, players may also get a little tied up, and/or get sent to the real life 'dungeon'.

The winner is the first player to strip off completely, leave the loop, and reach 'the fantasy ending'. On completion, a role-play type activity is chosen at random with the winner in control, performed with of course the loosing player!

One other thing, players also forfeit the game, if they climax at any point before the end (which may be more difficult than it may at first seem!)