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Boundtostrip - The Board Game

With ropes, cuffs, handcuffs & whips, etc now surprisingly popular on the high street, Boundtostrip was developed as a game to help those new to 'the ropes' some ways they may help enhance their experiences. It also however suits those consenting adults who may have been involved in these desires for some time, to further expand their experiences.

With the massive popularity of 50 shades worldwide, the demand for interest in this area of sexual exploration has also increased exponentially.

After many years in development, testing with many willing volunteer couples in the UK, sourcing UK suppliers, and final finishes to the look and feel of the game, Boundtostrip will very soon have another batch of games in production. To buy one for yourself, please visit our purchase page.

Alternatively, to see more information on the superb designer working on the graphical representation of the game, please view

Photos which are forming some of the background images to the game can also be seen on Lorelei's website, along with additional images by BoundtoStrip themselves.

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Tied to a chair, in one version of the dungeon


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